Rose Hill has been around for more than 100 years. It began in 1907 as a community of believers meeting in homes, and in 1916 the first church building was built on the very same plot of land where the church sits today. Sometime in the 1940s Rose Hill hired their first full-time pastor, and in 1972 the parsonage was built. A separate fellowship hall was built ten years later. 

That little country church was an active place of worship for nearly 90 years. But in 1995 a new sanctuary was added to the fellowship hall, and the building was expanded. The old church building, no longer in use, was eventually torn down. 

We are thankful for our history. There are many missionaries, pastors and others servants of Christ all over the country who have roots at Rose Hill. The church is just as active as it was the day it was started—loving Jesus, caring for one another, impacting our community and spreading the Good News all over the world.